Beach Towel: Why Hammam Towels are the Perfect Choice as a Practical Beach Companion

Beach Towel Experience is Elevating: Hammam Towel is the New Beach Companion When it comes to beach essentials, one item stands out as a versatile and stylish must-have – the hammam towel. Originating from the Turkish tradition of bathhouses, hammam towels, also known as Pestemals, have transcended their origins to become the ultimate beach accessory. […]

Unveiling the Timeless Elegance: The Thrilled History of Hammam Towels

In the realm of versatile and stylish textiles, the Hammam towel stands as a testament to both cultural heritage and modern functionality. Also known as Pestemal in Turkish or fouta, these towels boast a rich history that spans centuries. Let’s delve into the captivating journey of the Hammam towel, from its origins to its current […]

Famous Hammam Towel from Samimi: That’s what’s behind it

Where do our hammam towels come from? Samimi’s hammam towels all come from Turkey –  Originating from the looms of Turkey, specifically the skilled hands of artisans on the Aegean coast, Samimi’s towels are a testament to the enduring legacy of Turkish weaving. Steeped in history, this art form has flourished for generations, with webmasters […]