Famous Hammam Towel from Samimi: That’s what’s behind it

Where do our hammam towels come from?

Samimi’s hammam towels all come from Turkey –  Originating from the looms of Turkey, specifically the skilled hands of artisans on the Aegean coast, Samimi’s towels are a testament to the enduring legacy of Turkish weaving. Steeped in history, this art form has flourished for generations, with webmasters who possess an intimate understanding of what constitutes exceptional fabric.

hammam towel weaving loom

The Benefits of Hammam Towels

Enter the world of “Pestemal” – the Turkish term for Hammam towels, synonymous with comfort, style, and a rich history. For countless millennia, these exquisite creations have captivated hearts across generations. Fashioned from the finest cotton, their touch on the skin is nothing short of a gentle caress.

Completely gentle and pleasant for the skin. That’s why they are essential as accessories for young parents as well. They dry quickly and take up only a fraction of the space of a conventional terry towel. That’s why they are especially great companions at the lake, beach, by the pool, or generally when traveling. And not to forget, Hammam Towels are simply beautiful with their extraordinary patterns and colors.

Quality is essential when it comes to a Hammam Towel

If Hamam towels have good quality, they can last for many years. Hamam towels become even softer and more absorbent the more you wash them. The cotton fibers become roughened, thus retaining even more water. Due to the unique weaving technique, Hammam Towels retain their beautiful shape and extraordinary patterns over the years as well.

Small irregularities are not a cause for concern

At Samimi, imperfections are embraced as marks of authenticity. Each towel is meticulously handmade, rendering no two pieces identical. Should you encounter a stray thread or a playful knot, fear not – a simple snip suffices. After all, the uniqueness of handmade artistry lies in its idiosyncrasies.


Explore our World of Hammam Luxury

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Luxury, comfort, tradition – all woven into the fabric of Samimi’s Hammam towels.


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